2009 Texas Dodge Power Wagon Rally

Alpine, Texas

Cinco de Mayo Weekend


Following a Dodge Power Wagon into Alpine, Texas

M37 Dodge 4X4 getting ready for the Cinco de Mayo parade in Alpine, Texas

Benny Cedillo driving a 1966 W100 Dodge Power Wagon known as "STUMPY"

Mark McElyea with his WC-12 dodge Weapons Carrier

Aarron's Power Giant Dodge Power Wagon

Aarron, George and Ron

Mark's Dog "WAGON"

Benny Cedillo

Benny Cedillo

John Colwell


Benny Cedillo west of Fort Davis, Texas

John Colwell

Benny Cedillo

John Colwell west of Fort Davis, Texas





Photos of downtown

Hotel Limpia Fort Davis, Texas

Fort Davis State Bank



John Colwell     Member # 9884



Waxahachie, Texas


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