USN 1956 Mack Fire Truck




This is an ex-military fire truck that had been in the Navy out in California most of its life. It was transferred through the general service administration to Fort Worth, Texas. I bought it direct from the government. This truck could be a really nice restoration project. It has a factory installed Chrysler Industrial Hemi under the hood. I have been told that this was the first year that the Hemi engine was installed in Mack trucks. There were 50 of these trucks made for the US Navy. A 354 Hemi powered them all. I do know that this truck was originally out in California, what Naval station I do not know. The serial number on the firewall underneath the hood reads 1018. I was also told where to find the serial number on the frame and it is: B475CF1018.  We have recently ran this truck and it needs a water pump, and I have not been able to locate one. This Mack is the open top version. I have the old top, but it needs to be replaced. There has been a lot of people try to buy the Hemi engine out of it, but I do not want to separate it. Truck comes with a Texas title.








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(Taken on July 02, 2004)






Waxahachie, TX is 30 miles south of Dallas on Interstate 35E.

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Waxahachie, Texas


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