William Barnes Colwell

"My Hero, My Dad"


Bill Colwell

1929 - 2005




4th Fighter-Interceptor Wing

335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

USAF K-14 Kimpo Korea 1952

W.B. Colwell  Hanger Crew Chief 335th FIW Squadron

Working on F-86 Sabre Jet

circa 1952

Press Release for Hometown Newspaper

William "Bill" Barnes Colwell  circa 1952


38th Parallel  Kimpo AFB, Korea  circa 1952



Somewhere near the frontlines in Korea, North of Kimpo AFB

Outside of the Motor Pool Kimpo, Korea 1952

Tent Life at Kimpo Korea

Colwell outside of his tent at Kimpo AFB Winter 1952

"Korean House Boy"

These young boys cleaned GI's tents and did chores for the soldiers

Colwell and his buddy George C. Grund after a hard day as Jet Mechanics

Colwell next to one of his F-86 Jets

Colwell Bleeding the Hydraulic System on the F-86 Sabre Jet

Colwell sitting up in the fuselage on an F-86 that he is working on

Colwell exploring the countryside near Kimpo, Korea

"Letters from Home"

They meant a lot to an ole country boy from Oklahoma!

Colwell practice shoots his rifle regularly

 Korean Cemetery (small round mounds) can be seen in the background

Colwell with Korean "Rock Soldier" MP circa 1952

He said, "The MP was one of the Tallest Koreans that He had encountered during his tour of duty.

Colwell at bombing ruins in Korea 1952

Colwell and His Buddies

"Buddies" Colwell far right

? and Colwell

?, Colwell, ?

? and Colwell

?, Colwell and ?

"The Crew" Colwell far right

Colwell on R&R in Japan 1952

Truck left behind after a battle close to K-14

Colwell on a troop transport train took this photo of Atom bomb ruins in Japan

Colwell belonged to the Square and Compass Club (a Masonic Club) at Kimpo AFB. They adopted a local orphanage and helped supply them with Money, supplies and Candy for the children.

William B. Colwell

Colwell after returning home from overseas was stationed at Bryan AFB, Bryan, Texas Circa 1953-54

Dale Redd and Colwell near Fort Hood, Texas 1953-54

F-86 Sabre Jets above Korea

(photos found from other serviceman's web sites)


One of Colwell's "The Chiefs" 335th FIW F-86 jets landing at Kimpo AFB

Airplane Photo's courtsey of Mr. John Starr, ,

Please visit John Starr's web site for more info on Korea


Cold Weather at Kimpo AFB, Korea was very common and very COLD!

"The Witches Titt" off in the distance from Kimpo

Airplane Photo's courtsey of Mr. John Starr, ,



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