M16A2 Half Track



SOLD !  2011

Current owner restored the half track in fall of 2011. The M16A2 had the Quad-fifties installed back in it and currently resides in Colorado.

I just lucked out and found this rare piece of history in a barn in southwest Texas. The owner had passed away and his estate was auctioned on May 29, 2010. That is when I became a half track owner. I don't know much about Half Tracks yet but I looking forward to learning. Well here our the first photos of her.


Photos Below

July 14, 2010

1943 M16A2 White Half track makes it in to Waxahachie, Texas



Unloading the Half-Track

First time for me to drive a half track and it was quite a thrill ride backing it off the trailer and onto my rollback wrecker and the the ride down to the ground. These were not made for fat boys!




Slick as a whistle!!!





My truck driver and "Jeep flunky" Gary Miles is thrilled to be able to drive the half track in over 100 degree Texas heat. You can tell from his photo here he is excited!




Gary Miles forces a smile. All joking aside, Gary many thanks!


Other Half-Track Photos


M3 Ambulance Half-Track Anzio, Italy 1943


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Waxahachie, Texas


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