M170 Willys Ambulance Jeep Registry


Serial Number 10085

Date of Delivery 03-54

Owner: Robert Newman

Location: Richmond, MI


Hi, I wanted to register my M170. I have serial number 10085. It's a 1954 3/54 delivery date. I found this jeep in 2006 up in  Glennie, MI.  It was used in the Curtis Twp. Fire dept. as a grass fire truck. It got it's start in Lincoln, MI. as a civil defense vehicle, the stickers are still on the sides. It shows 2,800 miles but the speedometer cable is bad. It runs great but looks rough because it was left outside for a couple of years. I bought it from an old man that since passed away that had it for many years. He told me the story on it from pretty much 1955 until I bought it. I would love to find some of the hard to find parts and restore it. I'm looking forward to seeing another 170 on your site.


Robert Newman
70591 Lowe Plank Rd.
Richmond Mi. 48062



I would like to compile a M170 Jeep Registry and see how many of these Jeeps are still around. The government contract called for 6,000 M170's to be made between 1953 to 1963 but production stopped at 4,155 Jeeps or so I've been told. If you would like to help me get this information gathered up I would greatly appreciate it. I need the following information:

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John Colwell   Member # 9884

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