1968 M35A2 Kaiser Jeep 6x6

"No. 04"

"My Personal Truck"


Not For Sale but if you just have to have it, its $15,000

US Reg # 4K 9638

Serial Number 0125-34968

Contract Number DA-20-113-AMC-03416(T)

Continental MOTOR LDT-465-LD  Built 11-1991

30,000 Miles
















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Feed Store Photos July 04, 2005

2004 Waxahachie Homecoming Parade Cub Scout Photos

Fresh Paint Job October 2004

Early Photos 2003 - 2004


Me and My Deuce and a half

John Colwell and his 1967 M35A2 Kaiser Jeep Corporation 6x6 2 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck

John Colwell and his 1967 M35A2 Kaiser 6x6 downtown Waxahachie, Texas







John Colwell   Member # 9884

Call or Text     469-337-4335



Waxahachie, Texas


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